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Did it ever happened to you that you reached a fishing destination and found that your favorite transport fishing rod is damaged while traveling or storing in the car or truck? Well, you might have experienced this distressing situation, as it is one of the most common problems that anglers face once or twice in their life. But now no more heartbreaks and disappointments due to damaged fishing rods and reels while transporting them in a car or truck, as here we bring you the most modern, portable, lightweight, and affordable fishing pole protector – Polebudi. If you want to learn more about how Polebudi can protect your fishing rod and eye while transporting in a car or truck, then you can watch the video on YouTube at To buy fishing rod cover, you can visit


When you are going out for fishing to your favorite destinations, your fishing rods and reels are the most vital fish catching tools, thus, they must be protected and are in good working condition when you reach the fishing destination. Your fishing rods must be kept protected because; no one wants to lose out on catching that trophy fish due to a broken rod. However, even after taking all the precautionary steps, your fishing rods get damaged, and that leads to frustration.


Polebudi is a fishing rod protector that is designed to protect fishing rod and eye while storing and transporting in the car or truck. This fishing rod protector is a modern fishing accessory designed to safeguard the fishing rod and eye while transporting from one location to another or from improper storage in the truck, garage, or in the boat. Designed to keep your fishing rod protected, this unique fishing accessory ensures that you don’t have to carry extra fishing rods with you.


Characteristics of Fishing Pole Protector


  • Protects rod and line guides (Eyes) from damage
  • Covers most poles up to eight feet
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Fits most offshore and bass fishing poles
  • Pole re-assembly, re-rigging of line not necessary


Buy Fishing Rod Cover


Polebudi is one of the most exclusive fishing rod protector accessories that save anglers from the hassle of disassembling the fishing rods into several pieces before transportation. To learn more, how it can protect your fishing rods while transporting in the car or truck, then please contact us at You can also buy fishing rod cover by calling our team at +1-925-639-8310 or visiting our website at

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