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Do your fishing rods get damaged while transporting? Well, it is one of the most common problems that we anglers face while packing and transporting our fishing gears, and we all in search of a fishing pole protector and cover. With Polebudi, it’s time to end your search for a buy fishing rod cover . To learn more about Polebudi or to buy fishing rod cover online, you can give us a call at +1 925-464-0773.

Polebudi is the most unique, practical, and useful fishing pole protector that is thoughtfully designed to protect the fishing rods and eyes at the time of transportation. Polebudi – A fishing rod cover  is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to use. Polebudi is one of the exclusive fishing accessories that is designed and developed to protect different types of fishing rods, including casting rods, spinning rods, ultra-light rods, and telescopic fishing rods to name a few. Our fishing pole  protector helps an angler save time, money, and efforts. To buy fishing pole protector, you can visit our dedicated product page here.

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To learn more about this unique fishing accessory for anglers and how to use Fishing pole protect, Watch our video on YouTube. For more information on the fishing pole protector, you can visit our About us page where you will find more information about Polebudi. You can call us at +1 925-464-0773, to buy fishing pole accessories online.

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Fishing Pole Protectors

  • Protects rod and line guides (Eyes) from damage
  • Covers most poles up to eight feet
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Fits most offshore and bass fishing poles
  • Pole re-assembly, re-rigging of line not necessary

Polebudi is the most unique protective fishing accessory designed to protect fishing rods and eyes while transporting and packing. To learn more about its usefulness or to buy fishing pole protector for yourself, please give us a call at +1 925-464-0773.

View our video on how Polebudi - A Fishing pole protector works!

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Our Customers Stories

Jacob Buker

The polebudi i got was in a raffle. They sent It quickly. I have put the polebudi through the ringer and they keep my rods safe i thrown them in the truck, accidentally stepped on them and my rod stayed safe. Highly recommend polebudi.

San Diego, CA


Hi Polebudi,

I just wanted to give you a little product feedback. I normally fish from the shore for Salmon & Striped Bass. Sometimes I go on my friend’s boat and we fish for Sturgeon. I put my 3 poles in the truck bed while going to & from fishing spots…As you know, today, there’s no such thing as a cheap fishing pole…

Before I got the Polebudi protectors… I broke off 3 tips from my favorite rods when I slammed the gate up and didn’t notice my poles were in the way. Also my poles used to get scratched up by riding in the truck bed.…Now I use the Polebudi and it prevents broken tips & scratching from bouncing around in the truck-bed. All I can say is that they works. I no longer worry about bringing rods in the truck bed…So thanks…

Martinez, CA
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