Story of Polebudi – A Unique Fishing Pole or Rod Protector

Enjoying fishing has been a passion all my life with my family and friends. During this time, I experienced or have seen many Broken fishing rods, and the line guides {eyes} due to transporting from one location to another, or from improper storage in the garage, truck, or the boat.

So, one day while fishing with my friend the idea of a pole protector that was easy on and off compact when not in use, and that I wouldn’t have to break down and reassemble, it would get me on the water fishing sooner! And that’s how POLEBUDI was created! You can buy fishing rod cover by calling our team at +1 925 639 7421.

Polebudi is a fishing rod protector that safeguards fishing rod and eye protector while packing and transporting the fishing rods from one place to another. This fishing pole protector is one of the most exclusive fishing rod protector accessories that save anglers from the hassle of disassembling the fishing rods into several pieces before transportation. Polebudi is an extremely useful fishing accessory product that can be a perfect gift for Birthday, Father’s Day, and Christmas to name a few. To learn more about the features of Polebudi and this best protective fishing accessory works, you can refer to our product page. You can also give us a call to learn more about the product or to buy fishing pole cover.

I also want to mention special thanks and appreciation to Jim Grimes with Grimes Industrial Design, who worked with us from start to finish on the design and engineering to bring this product to all anglers who want to protect the investment of their fishing poles. Polebudi – a fishing rod protector is developed by the combined efforts to help anglers save time and money. You can also watch our YouTube video on fishing pole protector to understand more about its usefulness. To buy fishing pole cover or to learn more about its uses, you can email us at

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To buy fishing pole accessories, please visit our Polebudi product page. To buy fishing rod accessories in bulk quantities, you can call us at +1 925 639 7421.

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