Mark Stevenson and Lisa Stevenson – The Duo Behind the Unique Fishing Accessory for Anglers

Polebudi is a start-up by the duo of a visionary husband and wife – Mark and Lisa Stevenson. Their unbounded love for fishing and protecting fishing accessories give birth to this unique and the most useful fishing accessory of our time. If you are an angler and planning to buy fishing accessories for the upcoming fishing season or for your hobby, then Polebudi is worth considering. To buy fishing accessory – Polebudi, or to learn more about how it can be useful to you, please visit our product page at

Mark and Lisa Stevenson together make the creative team that came up with the idea of fishing rod and eye protector as they learned from their experience that how the fishing rod and the line guides got damaged while transporting from one location to another or from improper storage in the garage or the boat. The team of husband and wife invested a lot of time and effort to bring their idea to life. Mark and Lisa together sweated hard in improving their idea and then offering to the fishing lovers across the United States.

The team of Mark and Lisa received immense support and technical assistance from Jim Grimes from Grimes Industrial Design (GID). GID, a new product design and development company in California, acted as an indispensable part of the team and strived hard in tackling all the technical problems and transforming the concept of fishing rod and eye protector into a successful fishing product. From idealizing a concept to creating a prototype, the team of Mark, Lisa and Jim have worked hard to bring this product to all anglers who want to protect the investment of their fishing poles. To buy a fishing accessory, you can give us a call at +1 925 639 7421.

To learn more about Polebudi and how it can protect your fishing rod and eye protector, you can watch our video. To buy fishing products online.

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