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When you are going out for fishing, your utmost priority will be to keep your fishing rod protected, especially while traveling to a fishing destination. Fishing rod and eye-getting damaged while packing, storing, and traveling is one of the most common problems of anglers. There are some fishing rod protector accessories available in the market, but most of them prove to be ineffective. If you love your fishing rod and want to protect it, then it’s time to try Polebudi –fishing pole protector.
Polebudi is a unique, modern, and protective fishing accessory that is designed to protect the fishing rod and eye from getting damaged. It is conceptualized by the duo of husband and wife and improvised and developed a renowned product development company in California – GID. Polebudi is a fishing rod protector that is made from strong, lightweight, and durable material; thus, it can protect your expensive fishing rod even in the roughest conditions. To learn more about Polebudi – fishing pole protector and how it can protect your fishing rod and eye, please watch the video at To buy fishing pole cover, you can visit
Ordinary fishing accessories such as fishing rod protector tubes, fishing rod protector sleeves, and fishing rod protector cases are either not protective enough or not convenient to carry with you when you are traveling to famous fishing destinations. Polebudi is a fishing pole protector that is lightweight and portable; hence, you can easily carry it with you to protect your fishing rod and eye. Easy to use, Polebudi safeguards your fishing rods while traveling, packing, and storing. All you need to do is insert your fishing rod inside the Polebudi as shown in the video here can also contact the team at and +1-925-639-8310 to learn more about the uses of Polebudi.
Features of Polebudi – a Fishing Pole Protector

  • It can protect rod and line guides (Eyes) from damage
  • It covers most poles up to eight feet
  • It can compact for easy storage
  • It fits most offshore and bass fishing poles

Buy Fishing Pole Cover

If you are looking for a fishing rod protector that can guard your expensive fishing rod and eye in any condition, then Polebudi is worth considering. To buy fishing pole cover, you can call us at +1-925-639-8310 or visit our website
Polebudi is now available in 5 different colours and free shipping across the United States on every order before January 2021. For bulk orders or queries, you can also contact us at

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